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Betting Signals

Betting Signals

No more research. And no more guesswork. StrataBet does all the work for you. We crunch and analyse vast amounts of proprietary football data in order to highlight the best betting opportunities.

Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

With the StrataBet app open, it's like watching the football with a top statistics professor, a world-class football expert and a financial analyst at your side (without them actually being there to ruin your fun).

Live insights

Live insights

In-play betting is full opportunities, but the information is incomplete and rapidly changing. So you have to rely on your knowledge and your instinct. StrataBet helps you to make more informed bets.

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Betting Signals based on unique data

We collect and analyse proprietary football data to locate the best betting opportunities. Our mathematical models use a combination of performance analysis and financial trading expertise to give you data-driven bet signals.

  • Get predictive football statistics you’ll see nowhere else
  • Learn if the latest results were correct or just lucky
  • And see how well the market actually predicts outcomes
London web design
London web design

Expert analysis of every significant game

We have an army of more than 50 highly-trained analysts collecting proprietary data, watching 8,000 games per season, covering 23 football leagues worldwide. This helps us collect better data to build ever smarter mathematical models.

  • Our local football experts collect more meaningful statistics
  • This unique data is analysed by our quants and packaged by our traders
  • So you get high-quality insights in an easy-to-use format
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London web design

Live betting insights so no more guesswork

Making the right in-play bet is difficult, right? Imagine Chelsea are down to ten men. They’re losing 0-1 to Burnley. There are 38 minutes left, and they’ve had 8 great chances on goal. Chelsea to win is a big price. But should you take it? StrataBet will help you answer that question.

  • Watch as StrataBet analyses key match data in real time
  • Say goodbye to finger-in-the-air guesses
  • And start making more informed in-play bets
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Who are the people behind StrataBet?

StrataBet was created by StratagemTechnologies Limited, a London-based sports trading company (with 35 people here in London and more than 50 football analysts around the world).

We’re a team of financial analysts, mathematical experts, football researchers, software engineers, data scientists and machine learning experts (meet the team here). These are serious minds working for you.

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  • - Access to our low strength betting signals (1-2 stars).

  • - Prepare yourself for your next bet with our pre-match betting insights.

  • - Understand the game with our match reviews and Fair Score rating system.



  • Everything in Free plus:

  • - Full access to our best performing betting signals (3-5 stars).

  • - Know what to do next with in-play betting insights.

  • - Get the human view of each match with over 24,000 expert predictions a year.

  • - All these features for over 8,000 matches a year.
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